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Top NetSecOps (Network Security Operations) Vendors.
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## What is NetOps? NetSecOps combines the efforts of network operations (NetOps) and security operations (SecOps) teams to create a more efficient and secure IT infrastructure. It aims to break down the silos that can exist between these two teams and foster better collaboration. ## An overview of NetSecOps ### **Origins of NetOps** Traditionally, network operations and security operations were often separate entities. NetOps focused on keeping the network running smoothly and efficiently, while SecOps concentrated on safeguarding the network from security threats. However, the evolving IT landscape with cloud adoption and complex network infrastructures created a need for closer collaboration. ### Collaboration & Integration: NetSecOps bridges the gap between these teams, promoting better communication and information sharing. This allows for a more unified approach to network security and operations.   ### Focus areas NetSecOps strives to improve areas like: - **Incident Handling:** By working together, NetOps and SecOps teams can identify and respond to security incidents faster and more effectively.   - **Network Monitoring:** Integrating security considerations into network monitoring practices can help to proactively detect potential threats. - **Security Automation:** NetSecOps can leverage automation tools to streamline workflows for both network operations and security tasks. ## Benefits of NetSecOps ### Enhanced Security Improved collaboration between security and network operations teams leads to a more comprehensive security posture. ### Streamlined Operations Automating routine tasks frees up personnel to focus on higher-level tasks and strategic planning. ### Faster Threat Response Improved communication and collaboration lead to quicker detection and response to security incidents. ### Reduced Costs Streamlining operations and automating tasks can help to optimize resource allocation and potentially reduce costs. NetSecOps is an approach rather than a specific tool, but it often utilizes technologies used in both network operations and security operations, such as SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) and SOAR (Security Orchestration, Automation and Response).  You can find many vendors on ResilienceWEB able to provide further advice on whether your organisation is ready to implement NetOps.

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